Whatsapp Groups Link 2022

WhatsApp is a popular social media. People can communicate with each other very easily through WhatsApp. It has many features as a messenger. For example, sending good-quality pictures, video and audio calls, and other benefits.

Among the many features, the WhatsApp group is a popular feature. By opening a group, everyone can continue their conversation together. It works as a community. Where many members of a group can inquire about each other. And they can send pictures, video messages, and voice clips.

WhatsApp groups are used by people for various purposes. People join WhatsApp groups to keep up with social activities in everything from education to politics.

Today we will highlight the links of some important WhatsApp groups through this website. Which people search for online. And by joining the groups one can get various kinds of the instructive and necessary information.

Popular Whatsapp Group Links

Here are some links to popular WhatsApp groups. Where you can easily get the necessary information from the group by joining.

PUBG WhatsApp Group Links

  • PUBG Players – Link
  • ESports – Link
  • PUBG is Back – Link
  • PUBG Game Over – Link
  • PUBG Tournaments – Link
  • PUBG War Squad Members – Link

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Free Fire Whatsapp Group Links

  • Free Fire Gamers – Link
  • Twist Here – Link
  • Free Fire is Lit – Link
  • FreeFire Family – Link
  • International Gamers – Link
  • PUBG vs FREE FIRE – Link
  • Free Fire Updates – Link

Get the latest Free Fire Whatsapp Group Links from this link.

Call of Duty WhatsApp Group Links

  • Call of duty mobile Group – Link
  • Gaming group only – Link
  • Call of duty battle Group – Link
  • COD Gamers only Group – Link
  • Call of Duty Warrior Plus Group – Link
  • Gamer of Call of Duty mobile group – Link
  • Call of Duty Mobile players group – Link

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