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Are you an avid blizzard fan? if so, then you may be familiar with the blizzard link account. this online account allows you to link your blizzard games, accounts, and services together in one place. with a blizzard link account, you can access all of your blizzard games and services from one convenient location. in this blog article, we will explore the blizzard link account and how it can help you manage your blizzard accounts and games. Login – Blizzard Entertainment

account.blizzard This is the login page for the online gaming platform, owned and operated by Blizzard Entertainment. On this page, users can log in to their Blizzard accounts to access all their games and gaming services.

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Enter Verification Code –

eu.battle This is a page on, an online gaming platform, where users can enter a verification code to complete their login.

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Blizzard Support – Cannot Link My Console and Accounts

us.battle This is an article from Blizzard Support that talks about how to link your console and accounts. It goes through the steps of setting up the link, troubleshooting potential problems, and resetting the link if needed.

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Linking Your Twitch or YouTube Account –

us.battle This article explains how to link your Twitch or YouTube account to your account. It provides instructions on how to link your accounts and how to take advantage of the benefits that come with the connection.

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Blizzard Support – Linking an Activision Account to a Account

us.battle This article from Blizzard Support provides instructions on how to link an Activision account with a account, allowing for a single sign-on experience for Blizzard games. It covers topics such as how to merge accounts, what happens to the accounts after the process, and what to do if you experience any issues.

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account.battle This article provides instructions on how to create a account. is an online platform for gaming, connecting players to Blizzard Entertainment’s expansive catalog of games. Follow the link provided to learn more about creating an account.

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eu.battle This link is for logging into using an Xbox Live account. By clicking the link, users will be able to link their Xbox Live account to, allowing them to access all of the features that has to offer.

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Blizzard Support – Combine Accounts

Battle This article from Blizzard Support provides instructions on how to combine multiple accounts into a single, unified account. It covers the process of merging account details and games, as well as any limitations or restrictions that may apply.

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Blizzard Support – Linked the Wrong Console and Accounts

us.battle This article provides Blizzard support for users who have accidentally linked the wrong console and accounts. It explains how to unlink the wrong accounts and relink the correct ones.

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Blizzard Support – Transfer Game to Another Account

us.battle This article provides instructions on how to transfer a Blizzard game from one account to another. It covers the steps required to complete the transfer, including verifying ownership of the game.

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What are the benefits of linking an account to a Blizzard account?

The benefits of linking an account to a Blizzard account include access to all Blizzard services, including online gaming, digital downloads, and customer support; the ability to access and manage all Blizzard accounts in one place; and the ability to use Blizzard Balance to purchase digital content.

How do I link an existing Blizzard account to a new account?

To link an existing Blizzard account to a new account, log in to your existing Blizzard account and go to the Account Management page. Select the “Linked Accounts” tab and follow the on-screen instructions to link your new account.

Does linking a Blizzard account to another service cost money?

No, linking a Blizzard account to another service does not cost money.

Will linking a Blizzard account allow me to access all of my games from one account?

Yes, linking a Blizzard account will allow you to access all of your games from one account.

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