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Are you looking for an easy way to create and manage short links? google’s link shortener,, is a free and powerful tool that allows you to quickly create and share short links to any website. with just a few clicks, you can save time and hassle when sharing long web addresses with friends, family, and coworkers. in this blog article, we’ll go over the basics of, including how to create and manage short links, and the benefits of using google’s link shortener.

The 6 best URL shorteners of 2023 – Zapier

Zapier This article from Zapier explores the 6 best URL shorteners of 2023 and explains the best features and benefits of each. It also provides helpful tips and advice on how to select the best URL shortener for your needs.

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Create a short URL – Google Help This Google Help page provides instructions on how to create a short URL, which is a condensed version of a web address that is easier to share, remember, and type.

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URL Shortener

Shorturl URL Shortener is an online tool that helps users create custom, shortened links from long URLs. It is easy to use and free to use, with no registration required. It also provides users with statistics on the number of visits to each of their shortened links.

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Url Shortener – Chrome Web Store Url Shortener is a Chrome extension that allows users to quickly shorten URLs so they can be easily shared. It is available in the Chrome Web Store and can be installed in just a few clicks.

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Use the Google URL Shortener | Workspace Tips

Workspacetips This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the Google URL Shortener, a tool for creating shorter, more manageable web links. It provides an overview of the tool and explains how to create and manage shortened links.

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URL Shortener Free

free-url-shortener.rb This free URL shortener allows you to quickly and easily shorten long URLs into short, easy-to-share links. With this tool, you can easily share long URLs with friends, family, and colleagues without worrying about long, complicated links. Try it out today!

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Google URL Shortener Google URL Shortener is an online tool that allows users to shorten long web addresses into shorter, easier-to-share versions. The tool can be accessed through the Google Accounts website at

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10 Best URL Shorteners For 2023: Google URL Shortener Alternatives – Blogging Wizard

Bloggingwizard This article from Blogging Wizard offers readers an up-to-date list of the 10 best URL shorteners available in 2023. With an in-depth review of each one, readers can find the perfect Google URL Shortener alternative for their needs.

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Bitly: URL Shortener – Short URLs & Custom Free Link Shortener

Bitly Bitly is a free tool that allows you to shorten URLs and customize your links. Easily shorten and customize links to share with family, friends, and colleagues. Bitly makes it easy to track your links and analyze how they are performing.

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Transitioning Google URL Shortener to Firebase Dynamic Links

developers.googleblog Google is transitioning its URL Shortener service to Firebase Dynamic Links, which has the same URL shortening capability plus the ability to deep link to content inside apps. Read more about the transition in this blog post:

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What are the benefits of using a Google link shortener?

The benefits of using a Google link shortener are: 1) it makes sharing links easier and more efficient; 2) it allows you to track the performance of your links; 3) it helps protect against malicious links; and 4) it allows you to customize the link to make it more memorable.

How do you shorten a URL using Google’s link shortener?

To shorten a URL using Google’s link shortener, go to and enter the URL in the text box. Click “Shorten URL” and the shortened URL will be generated.

What is the maximum length of a URL that can be shortened with Google’s link shortener?

Google’s link shortener,, has a maximum URL length of 2,000 characters.

Are there any limitations to using Google’s link shortener?

Yes, there are some limitations to using Google’s link shortener. Google’s link shortener only works with URLs that are 2,000 characters or less, and it does not support custom domains. Additionally, the links created with Google’s link shortener are not secure and can be accessed by anyone.

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